• 870 VPN servers in 320 locations in 200 countries
  • 2 simultaneous connection available
  • Longest money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Fully compatible with all devices and operating system platforms
  • iOS & Android apps are available
  • All plans include free access to Secure IP Bind feature
  • Starts from $4.99/month
Order Now 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • No free trial available
  • Dedicated IPs are not available
Order Now 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

HideMyAss is the world leader in VPN services. This Hide My Ass review will explain why it is popular for providing the largest VPN server spread and why users who try out HMA VPN refuse to switch to other services.

This HideMyAss review will discuss the pricing plans, VPN server spread, encryption capabilities, compatibility, augmented features, and more. The last few years have seen HideMyAss grow rapidly - into a major VPN industry leader with an enviable set of features and functions to offer. However, the HMA VPN website can prove to be very confusing as the information is spread out across a dozen pages, which is why this HideMyAss VPN Review has everything you need to know about the service, on one page.
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HMA Mentioned as a Top 3 VPN for Various Personas at BestVPN.Co is the new kid in town of review websites. It covers various VPN providers, tests their performance, and offers useful tips on other facets of cyber security. Among the top 3 VPN services, you will see HMA listed here:

One of the prime reasons for HMA being in the top 3 is due to its large pool of servers and compatibility on various platforms. You can choose from 760+ servers spread across more than 190 countries.

With these servers, you can unblock any streaming service on earth and bypass geo-restrictions. No wonder HMA is listed among the top 3 VPN services for streaming on

Likewise, you will see HMA for other personas as well on the review website. It is easy to use apps, five multi logins, and compatibility of different operating systems place HideMyAss among the best services.

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HideMyAss User Reviews 2018

Judging by the positive reviews, the HMA VPN service is most definitely worth a shot.

Streaming users did not run into any issues with the HMA VPN app.

However, the smartphone HMA VPN apps lack many of the features that are found in the desktop apps.

One out of every five Hide My Ass reviews seems to be negative, indicating that there are service issues that negatively impact the service features.

VPN users frequently complain about speed issues, and HideMyAss is not immune to the problem.

But the HMA VPN team is striving to respond to user feedback.

HideMyAss Review of Plans and Prices

HideMyAss offers one package in the form of three plans that are designed to help users with different needs. Each plan packs a different subscription length to suit users with different online needs. However, the best part about the HideMyAss service offering is that all three plans are restriction-free. There is no limit on bandwidth, VPN server access, speed, available features or protocol variety on any of the plans. (Dont forget to check latest expressvpn review)

HMA VPN Review

This is one of the reasons why HideMyAss is preferred by VPN users from around the world. All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee so that users can experiment with the service and effectively coordinate with customer support if they run into any difficulties - before they make up their minds and post their own HideMyAss review. Note: Checkout Betternet VPN Review for the best Prices and Deals for 2019

HMA VPN for One-Time Users

Short-term VPN users can make use of HideMyAss through the Kick-ass plan that gives access to the complete range of HideMyAss services for a period of one month, for $9.99. Unlike other VPN services that place restrictions on short-term plans, the Kick-ass plan has no limitations or restrictions.

Subscribing to the HideMyAss Kick-ass plan will allow you to enjoy access to the full set of services and features that HideMyAss provides and is known for. Users who wish to extend their Kick-ass account subscriptions at the end of each month can activate the recurring payment system.

HMA VPN for Frequent Users

The Half-ass plan is valid for 6 months and is similar to the Kick-ass plan, but cheaper. The 6 month Half-ass plan is available for a total of $49.99, bringing the monthly average cost of the plan to $8.33. It is one of the most frequently preferred HideMyAss plans and is known for providing the perfect balance of online freedom and economy. 

The 6 month Half-ass plan is ideal for VPN users who want to closely follow TV shows or are in the habit of binge watching old TV series online. This HideMyAss review recommends the Half-ass plan for regular users of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora.

The HideMyAss Plan for Die-Hard Users

This is the mother of all VPN plans available online. For a monthly average price of $6.55 (coming to a lump-sum of $78.66), this is the most cost-effective HMA VPN package on the internet when considered in terms of the functions and features that it provides.

The HideMyAss Smart-ass plan is valid for a period of 12 months, and is preferred by experienced VPN users who have adequate knowledge of VPN software and are concerned about their online freedom and online privacy. This HideMyAss review recommends the 12 month plan for because of its one-time payment feature, followed by a year of unbound accessibility and untraceable anonymity for the rest of the year.

HideMyAss VPN Server Spread

The HideMyAss pricing plan (discussed below) might look slightly expensive at first glance, but experienced VPN users consider it to be one of the best pricing plans available online. This is mainly because of the unrivalled VPN server offering that HideMyAss boasts.

HideMyAss has over 877+ VPN servers spread out across the world. This includes a total of 310+ cities in 190+ countries around the world.

Review of HideMyAss VPN Server Locations

HideMyAss users can access the entire server spread through the official HideMyAss apps for all leading software platforms (more on this below), and can take their pick from the extensive list of VPN servers. HMA VPN servers are spread out across countries in North, South and Central America (over 430 servers) as well as in Europe (over 300 servers), Asia (over 60 servers), Oceania (over 20 servers), and Africa (over 50 servers).

HideMyAss has been the industry leader in VPN server count for a long time now, and is constantly increasing the number of VPN servers in regions around the world.

HMA Speed Tests

We proceeded to test the claims of HMA by testing their servers on a throttled 10 Mbps connection limited to a maximum of 2 Mbps. Here are the top 4 test results that we achieved: 

USA Server

UK Server


Luxembourg Server

Netherlands Server

HMA Windows Setup

You can find the HMA desktop client for both Windows and Mac PCs. Here is a walkthrough on how to install the HMA Pro Windows client. 

  • Launch the installer from the install file downloaded through the HMA website. Click next at the first prompted window. 


  • Read through the license agreement to ensure what your rights are and limitations are when using HMA VPN. Click the I Agree button at the bottom right when you are ready.


  • In this step you will be prompted on where to install your HMA, choose a different directory if you wish to install elsewhere otherwise leave the default directory as it is and then click install. 


  • Let the wizard complete the installation and install required drivers then click next to end the installation of HMA VPN. 


  • As installation completesthe wizard will offer to start the Application or you can choose to Finish setup and use the application later.


When the application starts it will ask you if you are already a HMA subscriber or would like to create a new account. The completed Windows desktop client looks something like shown below:


Does HMA Keep logs for Popcorn Time and other Torrents Streaming Services?

HideMyAss has a checkered history when it comes to keeping and disclosing logs of user’s activities. The current clauses in its privacy policy don’t help as well.

For starters, it does allow the use of P2P services on its servers and offers specific server ports for torrenting. But it will record your IP address and the also the IP address of the VPN server you connect. If you look at it from your own privacy’s perspective, this could be harmful as the VPN service will record your actual location and can disclose it to the authorities. 

That said, HMA claims to keep no logs of users activities once connected to a VPN. This means your identity will remain secure and you can use torrent services, including Popcorn Time, without any fear.

Therefore, Hide My Ass is a popular Popcorn Time logless VPN you can use today. With its wide range of servers spread across the globe and military grade encryption keys, ISPs, government agencies, and copyright holders will have a hard time tracking your activities.



  • Access ‘System Preferences’ and locate the Network icon under “Internet & Network”. 


  • When you access the Network menu, all your connections will be listed on the left handside. Locate the “+” at the bottom left to begin creating the new VPN connection. 


  • When you click the plus sign a new windows will appear asking you to choose the new interface and name the new service. 


  • When you click the interface drop down menu, you will see a VPN option, select it.


  • When you choose the VPN option in Step 3, two new options will show below. These will be VPN Type and Service Name. In VPN Type choose your default method as PPTP, while rename your service as HMA PPTP or HMA VPN and the click Create. 


The completed box should look something like shown below. 


  • Once you have created your new connection it will now appear on the left hand side menu. Now you will be required to insert the following settings, usually available from the provider 
    • Server address
    • Username
    • DNS server address (if required)


Once you have completed filling out details click the Authentication Settings button. Fill out your password provided by HMA and click OK. Now proceed to click the advanced button located on the bottom right. 


  • Once you are in the Advanced options menu ensure that the third option “Send all traffic over VPN connection” is checked. You can now proceed to connect the HMA PPTP VPN connection. 


HMA Android App Setup

To install the HMA Android app on your device, begin by

  • Go to Google Play Store and type in HMA or HMA VPN. The search should return with the HideMyAss Android app listed on top. Click the App icon and proceed to step 2. 


  • You will now see the install button as shown in the screen capture below, click install and let the wizard begin installation.  


Accept the required permissions to continue with the installation. 


  • Let the app installation to complete 


Once completely installed, an Open button will appear as shown below. Click the open app button and let the hiding begin.


  • Once you click the Open button, you will be taken to the sign in page 


Sign in with your HMA Android VPN details or simply create a new new account and start protecting your online privacy.


HMA VPN offers a state of the art iOS app but it is also possible to manually configure HMA VPN on you devices manually. 

  • On your Home Screen press the settings button, as shown in the image below 


The Settings Menu should look like the image below, tap General Settings and then click theVPN tab as shown below


  • Now you should be in the VPN settings menu, click the Add VPN configuration tab


  • You will now see the above window pop up. Click the PPTP option as shown above, the fill the details as provided by the HMA service. Do remember that your serveraddress might change as you connect to different VPN server locations. 


Once you have filled out all details and clicked save on the top right corner of the menu, your new HMA PPTP VPN should be ready for use 

  • You will see your new connection listed under the VPN settings menu within General Settings. 


HMA VPN Kodi Setup

Kodi continues to grow as the prime solution for people all around the globe to enjoy digital entertainment. As a free, open-source program, Kodi plays smoothly on a dozen of different platforms and devices. Thanks to its extraordinary diversity, users have the capability of listening to the radio, downloading torrents, stream TV shows/movies/music, watch live broadcasts, and play almost everything else in the realm of digital entertainment. Make sure to use VPN for Kodi to make yourself anonymous while streaming on Kodi.

This is owed to the huge collection of official/unofficial add-ons available for Kodi, which enable users from all over the world to access channels like Netflix, AMC HD, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Hulu, HBO to live broadcastings, such as ESPN, Ten Sports, Universal Sports, BBC, NBA TV, and countless of others. The only problem: most of these add-ons boast geographical restrictions. Subsequently, users from different locations may not be able to access the complete Kodi in all its mighty.

Are you running a tablet or a desktop device? If so, just run the automated HideMyAss (HMA) VPN in the background to gain unrestricted, encrypted, and secure access to all the Kodi add-ons that are installable. Though HideMyAss is not listed as best Kodi VPN, it manages to deliver quite the impressive anonymity and privacy to users. Thanks to its high AES-256 encryption, your internet activity will remain private. This saves you from the prying eyes of government agencies. Look below for steps on setting up HMA:

  1. Visit the HideMyAss website
  2. Click on the ”Download VPN” tab
  3. Choose a suitable version for your OS
  4. Download the software to your device
  5. Start the installation process
  6. Follow prompts until complete
  7. Launch HMA Pro VPN
  8. Enter account credentials
  9. Connect to a VPN server
  10. Enjoy using the unblocked Kodi!

Unique Features & Functions Offered by HideMyAss

Secure IP Bind

This HideMyAss Review invites attention to the fact that HMA VPN offers a specialized feature called, Secure IP Bind, to help users ensure that their internet traffic remains safe in the event of a disconnection from the VPN server. Activating Secure IP Bind runs a safety function in the background that is triggered when you are disconnected from the HMA VPN tunnel and your data is at the risk of being exposed to the internet without encryption and anonymity.

Secure IP Bind also works by allowing users to select internet-enabled applications that are to be routed through your HideMyAss VPN tunnel under all circumstances. This HideMyAss review appreciates the fact that the HideMyAss software will not allow you to use those applications if you forget to activate your VPN beforehand. The handy feature works much like a reminder when you forget to connect to HideMyAss VPN, and can be deactivated easily whenever required.

HMA VPN Smart Server Selection

HideMyAss uses a unique load balancing system that is built into the HideMyAss software. This software warns you when a selected server is already over-loaded with users and allows you to choose an alternate if you want to. No other VPN service offers such a warning feature, and HideMyAss users love how it saves users from tiring trial-and--error attempts to find a fast server.

In addition, HideMyAss also allows users to automate server selection by presenting geographic recommendations on VPN servers that are most ideally suited to individual users. Experts also research on OperaVPN for the best and unique Features, just checkout what results come after analysis,

Constant Vigilance Online

HideMyAss is very serious about ensuring uninterrupted online security. That is why users are allowed to enable schedule automated IP changes, and to keep track of the IPs they have been assigned by the HideMyAss VPN servers. This gives users immense control over their VPN tunneling activities.

HideMyAss Encryption Protocols

HideMyAss offers three unique encryption protocols. Each one of these is recognized and offered by VPN services around the world. You can take your pick from the range of protocols based on your internet preferences and needs.

OpenVPN for Regular HMA VPN Encryption

This is one of the most popular encryption standards in the world, and is frequently used by HideMyAss users. Setting up and using HideMyAss for OpenVPN is a very simple process that takes mere minutes. Users who are in the need for heavy duty encryption can use OpenVPN TCP while users looking for a little more speed can go for OpenVPN UDP.

Internet lovers who frequently use the internet over WiFi connections or mobile data connections also frequently use OpenVPN on account of the simplicity and effectiveness that the encryption protocol offers. A mentionable reason behind the success and popularity of the HideMyAss OpenVPN protocol is that it is available for and compatible with all operating system and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

PPTP for Lite HMA VPN Encryption

This is one of the oldest and well known encryption protocols; developed by Microsoft, the PPTP protocol is a light-weight encryption protocol that provides basic encryption and is usually used by HideMyAss users who want to use the service to unblock websites and bypass geo-restrictions across the internet. HideMyAss provides users access to PPTP enabled servers around the world as it is a favorite amongst online streaming fans.

However, even though it is fully compatible with all mainstream operating systems and platforms, readers of this HideMyAss review deserve to know that the PPTP protocol can be difficult and often impossible to setup on Routers as most VPN services do not provide router compatibility for PPTP.

L2TP for Heavy HMA VPN Encryption

The L2TP encryption protocol uses IPSec for encryption and utilizes the UDP protocol. Unlike PPTP and OpenVPN, this protocol uses a pre-shared key to help ensure additional online security. The L2TP/IPSec protocol is often used by HideMyAss VPN users facing issues with setting up OpenVPN on their devices, and is considered to provide significantly stronger encryption when compared to PPTP.

The L2TP protocol is considered to be one of the slowest of all the encryption protocols. However, this HideMyAss VPN Review recommends it on account of the modern day need for additional security. Users should choose the L2TP protocol whenever they are carrying out any sensitive online activities that involve the sending/receiving of data containing personal information.

Devices & OS Compatibility for HMA VPN

HideMyAss is a highly compatible VPN service that has given a lot of attention to availability for different device and operating system users.

HideMyAss offers custom software for devices running Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

  • Software for Windows and Mac is available for download from the official HMA VPN website.
  • Android users can download HideMyAss for smartphones from the GooglePlay store.
  • iOS users can download HideMyAss for their iPhones and iPads from the iTunes store.

All downloads are free of cost, as HideMyAss does not charge users for the software or its features. Users of the service only have to pay for the standard subscription amount and the rest of the features come along as standard parts of the HideMyAss package.

In addition to the software, HMA VPN is highly compatible and can be configured on devices running on Linux operating systems, as well as on Router devices. This Hide My Ass Review was glad to observe that setting up HideMyAss is very easy and quick, thanks to the built-in VPN settings that are available in most internet enabled devices.

HMA Review of Customer Support

The HideMyAss support section is the most detailed and informative help section that a VPN user will find online. HideMyAss has a 'Getting started' guide available for first time VPN users, as well as a comprehensive 'Knowledge Base' that double as a FAQ section.

The 'Getting Started' guide is meant to help users who are opting for a paid VPN service for the first time and have never used a VPN client before. For this purpose, the 'Getting Started' guide contains tutorials and trouble-shooting tips to get HMA VPN running on various operating systems, to help users learn about the service and its features.

The 'Knowledge Base' is a handy section for users who run into problems setting up or running HMA VPN. It has basic and advanced information on a variety of subject areas pertaining to HideMyAss software and services. The section also contains details on setting up HideMyAss on Routers and on Linux platforms.

Users unable to find a solution to their problems in the HMA VPN help section can reach out to the HideMyAss support team through multiple ways. The fastest way to contact the support team is to use the LiveChat available on the official HideMyAss website. This Hide My Ass Review noted that the support team is not available 24/7, but is very effective and efficient in responding to user queries and problems whenever available online.

Another way to contact the support team is to open a support ticket through the official HMA VPN website. Simply click on 'Tools & Contact' in the drop-down banner on the website, and select 'Support & Contact' in the 'Talk to us' section. Click on 'Submit a request' (visible on the top right corner) and select the type of query you want to submit from the drop-down menu. A detailed form will open out, asking you to send HMA VPN information about your problem and details about the issue.

HMA Review Conclusions & Recommendations

This HideMyAss Review concludes that the service is one of the best few VPN tools on the internet, and offers world-class features that are ideal for first-time and veteran VPN users alike. The software is easy to use and the service generally does not give any connectivity problems. However, HideMyAss is not entirely free if bugs and can turn into an annoying headache in certain cases.

This HideMyAss review recommends that all users VPN tired of their current tunneling and encryption service should giving HMA VPN a shot. The price might be slightly higher than the industry average but a 12 month subscription should even out the monthly average cost and the 30 day money back guarantee will help ensure that the investment is recoverable in the event of an unpleasant experience.
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