PureVPN Review Overview/Summary

Our PureVPN review sheds light on the popular VPN service that offers a footprint of 750+ servers spread across 141 countries. Our PureVPN review found that PureVPN offers the best data protection service with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption and a zero logging policy. It's also offering 24/7 live tech support with plenty of other striking features, all bundled together into affordable pricing plans.

PureVPN operates from Hong Kong, which is one of the most privacy-friendly regions in the world. The service has been providing VPN service to Netizens since 2006.

In this PureVPN review, we've analyzed various functions and features which are being offered by the PureVPN. From all the VPN reviews we've conducted on our website, we can safely assure you here on our PureVPN review that this service is a top-tier one which provides outstanding performance, compatibility, and excellent benefits.

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Pros & Cons

Our PureVPN review analyzed the following pros and cons in the VPN service:


Cheap! Prices start from $3.33 (Limited Time Offer)

750+ Servers in 141 countries

Provides DDoS Protection

Multiple Add-ons (Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall)

24/7 Live support

7 days money back guarantee

Keeps Zero Logs

5 (or more) Simultaneous Logins

Compatibility on almost all devices

Also compatible with Routers

P2P Optimized Servers

Huge collection of servers in the US, UK, and in Canada

Protocol support including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN and IKEv2

Payment Method & Pricing

In our PureVPN review, we’ve discovered that PureVPN offers three different prices to its customers.

  • The cheapest option is the 2-year plan offered by the VPN service. It comes for $3.33.
  • The semi-annual or 6 month option offers the service for $8.95.
  • The one-month plan is available for $10.95.

In our PureVPN review, we analyzed the multiple payment methods offered by the VPN service. There are various ways through which you can make payment for the service. To subscribe to the service, you’ll need to:

1. Choose package and select the required Add-ons.
2. Create your Account.
3. Pay for the service via the relevant gateway with respect to the chosen payment method.

Once you’re done with the process, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the provider containing your login credentials. You can enter these into your VPN client app and start using the service, our PureVPN review found out.

Purevpn review

Server Locations

In our comprehensive PureVPN review, we learned that PureVPN provides users with a footprint of 750+ servers. This footprint is spread across 141 countries and are located in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, China, and dozens of other countries.

Server footprint is the most critical aspect for any VPN provider. Spreading the servers sensibly gives users maximum online security, anonymity, and accessibility.

Our PureVPN review unveiled that their server spread is most beneficial for people wanting to avoid strict censorship policies.

Through our PureVPN review, we understood that PureVPN has placed its servers in all the right locations. Their footprint covers China as well, where they've placed three optimal servers, so you can access your favorite websites even if China blocks and bans the daylights out of the internet.

While PureVPN focuses on spreading its server count across the world, the nucleus of their server count remains in the US and UK, our PureVPN review analyzed.

Our PureVPN review has further analyzed that the service has expanded its server locations in the European, American, Asian and African regions as well, where several servers have been added to its list to facilitate the users.

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PureVPN Best Server Features

What makes PureVPN different than other VPN providers is the availability of special features which we analyzed in our PureVPN review. Our PureVPN review helped us discover that PureVPN provides access to special servers which specialize in providing the best streaming speeds to users. The service works really hard to keep their servers healthy and optimum at all times, so users can access and stream whatever they want instantly. Moreover, you can also use these special servers for gaming, our PureVPN analyzed. PureVPN keeps your pings right where they should be so you can fulfill your gaming desires with ease.  Our PureVPN review helped us know that the service can be used for different purposes such as social media, sports, entertainment and much more.

Browser Extensions

While conducting our PureVPN review, we discovered that PureVPN offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users. Subscribers can download the extension from the respective stores of Chrome and Firefox. The installation process is straightforward. You only need to download and install the extension on your browser and start using the service for complete privacy and accessibility.

While creating this PureVPN review, we tested PureVPN's extensions on both browsers. Our first impression of the service was very good as the extension was totally lightweight and took absolutely no time during the installation. Furthermore, we're delighted with the neat user interface and easy-to-navigate options of the browser extensions. When you log in using your PureVPN credentials, just select your preferred server and hit ‘Connect.' It’s as simple as that!

In addition to the basic VPN features, PureVPN Chrome and Firefox extensions offer many additional benefits as well, our PureVPN review dound out. It provides a built-in ad blocker system that stops intrusive ads from popping up when you're browsing the internet. Similarly, it offers WebRTC protection which stops IP leakage, and Malware protection to safeguard your system.

PureVPN Apps

PureVPN iOS App

For our PureVPN review, we tested the iOS app and found that it offers 2GB of free data, while also providing complete online freedom and anonymity for the best experience. The improved and user-friendly interface provides a handy operation. Military grade encryption, 100% anonymity, Blazing fast speed, Reliable security and very affordable packages are some benefits you can get by using Pure VPN.

In addition, PureVPN adds an impressive feature which will immediately connect you with the VPN when the phone restarts. The app is also available in Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish languages. Thus, we suggest that iPhone users equip themselves with the PureVPN iOS app and experience the internet like never before.

The following are some unbeatable features being offered by PureVPN iOS app:

PureVPN Android App

Through our PureVPN review, we've analyzed that the PureVPN app is absolutely perfect for Android smartphone and Tablet users. While testing the app, we found that it protects these devices from all sorts of hackers and malware, while also allowing them to access endless blocked channels and websites. The android client comes with 2 GBs of free bandwidth, while also offering in-app support and package update options.

After installing the PureVPN android app on your device, you'll achieve robust protection against all kinds of cyber threats. In addition, you'll be able to access tons of sites which are otherwise geo-restricted from anywhere in the world.

With the PureVPN android app, you can stream movies and TV shows on popular channels and services, our PureVPN review found out. You can upgrade from within the app to access a full range of PureVPN’s 750+ servers at any time.

According to our PureVPN review, the service is highly compatible on the Android platform. The users can easily download the PureVPN Android app on their devices. Through PureVPN Android app, you can easily achieve 99.9% uptime and unbelievable bandwidth.

Thus, you can attain fastest streaming and downloading processes in a hassle-free way. Moreover, the PureVPN Android app will allow you to secure your Android smartphones and your private data from hackers and cybercriminals.

Additionally, the PureVPN Android app will enable you to unblock your required websites on a single click from anywhere. With the help of PureVPN Android app, you can gain access to some of the most popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others, our PureVPN review discovered.

Purevpn Review

PureVPN Windows

With major changes to the Windows dialer client, the new PureVPN app for Windows looks absolutely terrific and mesmerizing to the eyes, our PureVPN review discovered. With everything now improved, PureVPN on Windows provides a much better user experience.

Our PureVPN review found out that with the new Windows Dialer, the users can personalize the VPN client depending upon what purpose they are using it for. The new Windows Dialer allows you to mark a server favorite and also includes a list of optimized servers that you can select and connect to a region that suits your needs the most.

One of the most significant enhancements that have been made includes reducing your RAM consumption rate to ensure your device functions normally while you are running PureVPN Windows in the background

PureVPN for Mac

Our PureVPN review reveals that the VPN client is extremely efficient when it comes to using PureVPN on Mac devices. Fortunately, you can experience the multi-login features on your desired Mac devices with complete ease. The PureVPN Mac app helps you stream your favorite content, be it movies, TV shows or anything else.

Moreover, the VPN client enables you to obtain an overall better experience no matter for whichever purpose you are using the Mac app.

Business VPN

If you are looking for a business VPN service, you should go no further. Our PureVPN review reveals that the service remains the favorite choice for business companies as it provides three different packages to all the businesses and corporations to choose from.

This Business VPN caters to the needs of small businesses and large corporations alike. The three business VPN packages given away by PureVPN are named as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, our PureVPN review found out. Users can opt for Silver Plan if they're running small businesses. It provides 5 VPN accounts, seven different protocols for security and 5 dedicated IPs. Silver Plan is available for $69.70/month only.

PureVPN provides Gold Plan as well for average sized business. It gives 10 VPN accounts, a limit of 200 sessions and remote access so that employees can access their data files from anywhere through a secure and private channel. The Gold Plan is available is $114.45/month.

The best business plan being provided by PureVPN is the Platinum Plan, our PureVPN review discovered. By signing up for the Platinum Plan, you'll get 15 VPN accounts, ten different dedicated IP addresses, and complete freedom carry out your business activities in total privacy. You'll get the Platinum Plan for $177.25/month.

After conducting this PureVPN review, we recommend if you're looking for a DDoS Protected business VPN service accompanied by several other add-ons, make sure you check out PureVPN business plans.

Purevpn review

PureVPN Streaming

PureVPN provides the best streaming service to all its customers, our PureVPN review discovered. It is one of the few VPN services which can provide access to the US version of Netflix even when you’re outside the country. Through our PureVPN review, we found out that connecting with the “Virgin Islands” server via the Chrome or Firefox extension allows you to access US version of Netflix from anywhere.

Apart from that, PureVPN provides access to specialized servers which allow you to stream your favorite content from anywhere with zero speed throttling, our PureVPN review discovered. All your favorite sports matches and your favorite TV shows are just a click away if you are using PureVPN.

With PureVPN, you can enjoy complete entertainment while using Kodi. No matter wherever you are, you can easily access geo-blocked websites by virtually travelling to your desired location when you connect with that location’s IP address, our PureVPN review analyzed.

Speed Test

In our PureVPN review, we conducted tests for PureVPN's US and UK servers to gauge the performance of the VPN provider.

US Server without PureVPN

For a server located in the US, SpeetTest.Net reported the following Download speed, Upload speed, and Ping for my internet connection when we weren't connected with PureVPN.

My IP Location: New York, US

Destination Server IP Location: Kansas, US

Speed Test of US Server without PureVPN

With PureVPN

Once connected to PureVPN, SpeedTest.Net reported the following Download speed, Upload speed, and Ping for my encrypted and tunneled internet connection.

My IP Location: New York

Destination Server IP Location: New York

Speed Test of US Server with PureVPN

During our PureVPN review speed test, we discovered that the Ping decreased considerably which is an improvement, and the upload speed remained consistent which is also quite encouraging. However, note that PureVPN’s accessibility and anonymity seem to be costing the download speed.

UK Server without PureVPN

For a server located in the UK, SpeetTest.Net reported the following Download speed, Upload speed, and Ping for my internet connection when not connected with PureVPN.

My IP Location: Maidenhead, England

Destination Server IP Location: Maidenhead, England

Speed Test of UK Server without PureVPN

With PureVPN

Once connected to PureVPN, SpeedTest.Net reported the following Download speed, Upload speed, and Ping for my encrypted and tunneled internet connection.

My IP Location: London, England

Destination Server IP Location: London, England

Speed Test of UK Server with PureVPN

During our PureVPN review speed test, we discovered that the Ping we got from the PureVPN server was brilliant but the download speed may have suffered, while the upload speed hardly experienced any significant changes.

PureVPN holds stability in upload speeds, which is good since VPN encryption relies heavily on the data upload speed. The download speeds are more moderate, but I figure that a bit of tweaking with the software and a little bit of nagging with the technical support should bring an improvement.

Customer Support

Our PureVPN review showed that the service has a four-pillared customer support infrastructure. The following explains how PureVPN support team operates.

customer support of purevpn

Support tickets

PureVPN allows users to create support tickets that can be used for tech support, billing issues and abuse complaints. The support tickets can be used to request assistance for corporate plans and reseller support options.


The 24/7/365 live chat support is the crowning jewel of PureVPN’s customer support, our PureVPN review analyzed.

It remains online 24 hours a day without fail and there are zero bots involved in the process. Customer support provides immediate assistance to any queries and concerns. Smaller to mid-sized problems are always solved within moments, our PureVPN review checked.

PureVPN scores full marks in our PureVPN review for providing their customers the comfort of knowing that there is always someone present on the other side to help with any service issues.

PureVPN Multilingual

Our PureVPN review discovered that unlike most other VPN providers, PureVPN believes in the power of communication and connecting with their users from any region. So far, PureVPN has setup multiple web pages specifically for users in these regions.

  1. https://www.purevpn.com/hk/
  2. https://www.purevpn.com/jp/
  3. https://www.purevpn.com/th/
  4. https://www.purevpn.com/br/
  5. https://www.purevpn.com/es/
  6. https://www.purevpn.com/it/
  7. https://www.purevpn.com/dk/
  8. https://www.purevpn.com/ar/
  9. https://www.purevpn.com/se/ 
  10. https://www.purevpn.com/nl/
  11. https://www.purevpn.fr/


PureVPN apps are also available in multiple languages. These languages include Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Spanish languages. This helps users from these regions to use the app easily and effectively.